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Ellen Masko

Abstract Artist

My motto in life has always been: "Do not choose between mediums you love. Enjoy them all!"

Then two years ago, I rediscovered a rambunctious side to those watercolor tubes lying placidly in my drawer. When I introduced the transparent hues to Ampersand Claybords, they took off across the smooth, glowing Kaolin white clay surface with "minds of their own"! My paint brushes started to dance again. I had the renewed pleasure of going with the flow. What appear to be nonrepresentational paintings are actually the best self-portraits that I have ever created. With watercolors I can reveal how I see the world full of motion & textures undulating with unusual color juxtapositions just for the viewers' pleasure. Visitors to my studio exclaim, "I want to climb into your worlds!"

A New Hope, Bucks County artist, Ellen has degrees from Pennsylvania State, Temple and Arcadia Universities. Her works have been exhibited in the Peninsula Gallery in Lewes, Delaware and the Annapolis Marine Art Gallery, in addition to numerous galleries in Bucks and Hunterdon Counties (The Golden Door in New Hope, PA  for 17 years and the Coryell Gallery in Lambertville, NJ).

Ellen taught art, including Painting and Advanced Art as well as the fledgling Art 1 and 2 classes for 35 wonderful years in a Bucks County high school. She was also the curriculum supervisor of K-12 Art. Ellen credits her lifelong passion for art to her estimated 7000 students' creative talents, energy and zest for experimenting with new materials, techniques and color mixing. Since retiring 7 years ago, she has devoted her time to creating paintings, usually on a large scale of 36"x 48" x 2". Feeling on Top of the World is 16"W x 16"H x 2"D; watercolor on Ampersand Claybord. As a painter, Ellen enjoys watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and mixed  media such as color pencil/watercolor, that all reflect her personalized colors. Her watercolor/ color pencil painting, "Open Space Preservation "2" Grow" was accepted in the 2012 juried show held at the Gratz Gallery for the Doylestown Bicentennial. Ellen's watercolor on Ampersand Clayboard, "Fish On!", won Best of Show, Coryell Award, in The Lambertville Historical Society 33rd Annual Juried Exhibition in 2014.

Artist Ellen Masko at her work station
Artist Ellen Masko at her work station
Artist Ellen Masko at her work station