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Showing My True Colors

6" X 6" Painting #4

Watercolor on 2" Cradled Clayboard
6"h X 6"w X 2"d

Choose the name of your artwork:
- Did you Just Say "Yes?!"
- May I have this Dance?
- Starlight
- Dancing Cheek to Cheek
- Swinging in the Trees
- Still a Young Sapling
- Promise of Summer's Glee
- An Evening Stroll
- Swimming Hand-in-Hand
- Let Your Colors Reverberate
- Finding Cloud 9 Together
- Our Own Little Island
- Meeting the Love of Your Life
- Enjoying My Lucky Stars
- When Life Resonates
- Adventuring Outside My Comfort Zone
- Having a Great Day
- Recess
- First Bluebird of Spring
- Inexplicable Colors - Just Enjoy!
- When Love Came to Stay
- Sharing Giggles
- Plant a Kiss and Watch it Grow
- Rain on the Leaves
- Kisses in Your Pocket
- When you Know it Feels Right
- Dancing 'till Dawn
- Conga Line
- Following the Sunshine
- When Everything is Hunky Dorey

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Abstract Watercolor Paintings
Abstract Watercolor Paintings